A revolutionary new MMOG, is a unique, social and safe online virtual world and community for kids ages 6-13. The site raises the bar for innovative concept, level of interaction, and creative and aesthetic content on the web, and will define the next evolution in kids' websites. is the first fully immersive 3-D environment as well as the first truly multi-player game platform for this demographic, playable on the browser, on the hard-drive and even on the iPhone and the Nintendo Wii.

Rather than just visiting and hanging out as they do on other sites, at MiniPeeps, kids will play a fully integrated part of the online community. They will take on roles and jobs that allow them to "run,” and even create, the world with their friends. Kids will run the ice-cream shop, the bank, the factories, the newspaper and the government of the online community, and they'll do it in a multi-player environment with their friends. They will earn currency, customize their avatars and their homes, and even build their own neighborhoods to include the features they want by pooling their currency with their friends'. They will return to continue to build their skills and reputation. MyMiniPeeps will also offer a secure environment for kids to enjoy true social networking features currently not available to this demographic. Through integrated play they will not only learn about society - jobs, careers, economy, environment and social issues, but actually participate in it. They will be empowered to know that they can make a difference not only in this fantastical simulation of the real world, but in their real life communities as well. Greening the environment will play a big part of the MiniPeeps community and encourage kids to get involved in greening their real life communities.

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